"La Valigia" has represented for few years an associationist dream that is part, from an intellectual point of view, of Venioce and of all have heard about it.

The critic and art curator dr Alain ChivilÚ, thanks to the material received by the nephew Nadia of the painter Angelo Sara, has inserted the true history of La Valigia with documents and images after many years in the monograph "Marco Novati Volti Vissuti". Part of this chapter has been re-proposed in the following monograph "Gigi Candiani Atmosfere Rarefatte".

In creating this section, as well as the chapter in the monographs, ChivilÚ respected the indications of Alzetta Family heir, owner of the history of "La Valigia", having in the past hosted the association activities (free of charge) in their own spaces.

Physically "La Valigia" can be seen in the reception of Hotel Gorizia A La Valigia, still owned by the Alzetta Family heirs (Venice, San Marco, Calle Fabbri 4696/A).
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