General archive of Maestro Eugenio Da Venezia
The Eugenio Da Venezia Archive was created with the aim of issuing authentication and archiving certificates for all the works of Maestro Eugenio Da Venezia. A physical view of the work may be required for screening.
Be careful as some collectors use generic archives that have arisen over time to include works by different artists, who have not had the opportunity to structure themselves in their lives.
At the end of the authentication process, an official certificate will be issued with the photo of the painting, the technique, the materials, the dimensions, the filing code and the certification date: documents necessary for the future release of your works on the market.
The documents will be issued to activate the process, upon contact by email.
The Eugenio Da Venezia Archive will only be able to initiate the documentation evaluation procedure if in possession of complete documents.
For the archiving of your works it is necessary to send the following documents:
  • Archive tab (original signature in pdf document)
  • 3 color images of the front of the work in high resolution 300dpi
  • 1 color images of the back of the work in high resolution 300dpi
  • if there are signatures or handwritten inscriptions on the back, 1 color image of the detail in high resolution 300dpi is required

The photos must represent only the work, without frames, passpartout or backgrounds and must be of high typographic quality (300 dpi).

The "filing form" must be completed in its entirety, including the tax information (if any) of the holder for the invoice (Name, Surname, Address, VAT and/or Tax Code if any).

The material received will not be returned!

All this, sent to the following e-mail:

Instead, for general information use the email:

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