History and description of the Donation

The painter Eugenio Da Venezia (Venice, 1900-1992) has been one of the protagonists of the Venice art between the two wars of the 1900's. In 1990 he has donated to the Foundation Querini Stampalia some paintings and a patrimony to discover the artists of the Venice figurative art and in particular, Carlo Dalla Zorza, Fioravante Seibezzi, Marco Novati, Aldo Bergamini, Mario Varagnolo, Juti Ravenna, Neno Mori and Luigi Scarpa Croce: the group of Palazzo Carminati with Eugenio Da Venezia to. The donation of Eugenio Da Venezia is constituted from 25 its paintings and five of Novati, Mainella, Bergamini, and it has been then enriched by the heirs and other generous collectors, with paintings and designs of Marco Novati, Juti Ravenna, Neno Mori, Mario Varagnolo, Carlo Dalla Zorza, Armando Tonello, Eugenio Da Venezia, Pieretto Bianco and Gigi De Giudici.

The “donation Eugenio Da Venezia” included an activity series, for example exposure for ten years of the Da Venezia donation critical deepening and spreading of the Venice art between the two wars with conferences and books. These thanks by the annual Day of study and by books “Notes of the Donation Da Venezia”, edited by Giuseppina Dal Canton and also by the organization of exibitions and monographic catalogues Gigi De Giudici (2000), Neno Mori (2001), Neno Mori at Rovereto (2002). The initiatives were organized in collaboration with the Department History and Conservation Artistic Assets “Giuseppe Mazzariol” of the University Ca' Foscari of Venice, from 2001 with the City Hall of Venice (Councillorship to the Culture) and the City Hall of Rovereto (Councillorship to the Culture). From the 2001 the plan was carried out in collaboration with the Civic Museum of Rovereto, that it possesses many works of Veneto art of the first half of the past century. The focus was to elaborate one cultural strategy, with a critical view of the collections and of the art of the Triveneto between the two wars, by means the organization of the search initiatives and study of the “Donation Eugenio Da Venezia” in alternate years in Venice and in Rovereto.
After years, we can see how the study days is nothing more than a cultural meeting among individual speakers, who relate the personal examination always with few people. Surely the Tre Venezie art has been given space, occasionally inserting some insight to Eugenio Da Venezia, but the Foundation has not been organized to him an exhibition with the works received. Furthermore, the high insurance and transport costs discourage any loans for exhibitions organized externally from the Foundation. Obviously also Eugenio Da Venezia is part of a post-impressionist Venetian art of the XX century, remained anchored to cultural and commercial provincialism.
Initial Donation Paintings by Eugenio Da Venezia

Eugenio Da Venezia, La modella, 1926
Eugenio Da Venezia, La pianta grassa sul davanzale, 1929
Eugenio Da Venezia, Canale a Malamocco, 1930
Eugenio Da Venezia, Zinnie su vaso nero, 1930
Eugenio Da Venezia, Maria Luisa, 1931
Eugenio Da Venezia, Coniglio con anitra, 1929
Eugenio Da Venezia, Canal Grande: San Tomŕ, 1933
Eugenio Da Venezia, Urania con vaso di fiori, 1934
Eugenio Da Venezia, Milena con fiori, 1934
Eugenio Da Venezia, Il satiro, 1935
Eugenio Da Venezia, Alla festa, 1939
Eugenio Da Venezia, Athenia, 1940
Eugenio Da Venezia, Il poeta, 1942
Eugenio Da Venezia, Fiori su broccato, 1944
Eugenio Da Venezia, Ritratto del commendator Favaro, 1947
Eugenio Da Venezia, Urania con scialle ungherese, 1949
Eugenio Da Venezia, Operazione chirurgica, 1955
Eugenio Da Venezia, Madame Monteričre, 1958
Eugenio Da Venezia, Pappagallo con natura morta, 1964
Eugenio Da Venezia, Composizione: uccelli su tronco d'albero in montagna, 1967
Eugenio Da Venezia, Rose su siepe a Susin di Sospirolo, 1969
Eugenio Da Venezia, Porto Rotondo, 1976
Eugenio Da Venezia, Fiori nel mio giardino, 1981
Eugenio Da Venezia, Rose bianche con le bocche di leone rosse, 1981
Eugenio Da Venezia, Adriana dopo il bagno con vaso di fiori, 1985
Cesare Mainella, Paesaggio africano, 1942
Cesare Mainella, Paesaggio africano n.2, 1942
Cesare Mainella, Paesaggio africano n.3, 1942
Aldo Bergamini, Ritratto del pittore Da Venezia, 1930
Marco Novati, Burchio alle Zattere, 1928
Other Donations

Heirs Donation Eugenio Da Venezia,

Eugenio Da Venezia, Ritratto del direttore didattico, 1925
Neno Mori, Natura morta con fichi, 1964
Neno Mori, Zattere, 1962
Neno Mori, Natura morta con carciofi, 1962
Neno Mori, Natura morta con pesci, 1957
Fioravante Seibezzi, Donna seduta in giardino, 1928
Mario Varagnolo, Donna che si pettina, 1929
Filippo De Pisis, Ritratto di Eugenio Da Venezia, 1930
Marco Novati, Fatto di cronaca, 1953

Donation Umberto and Giorgio Vedova,

Eugenio Da Venezia, Ritratto di mio padre, 1924

Donation Alberta Viola.

Donation Franca and Costantina Mariuzzo. (2002)

Designs and sketches of Eugenio Da Venezia. Works of small dimensions, designed generally to pencil or pen, traced of jet on occasional sheets, ideas of the master, examples of his design. Some of these designs are from the French period.

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