Umberto Zini (Padova 12/12/1878 – Venice 01/04/1964) was a student of Ettore Tito, Guglielmo Ciardi and Luigi Nono in Venice Academy. He attended free nude school conducted by Nono.
His painting activity is very broad. Nineteenth century convinced, he devoted himself passionately to the figure (portrait) as to the landscape, with the same ease and efficiency. He began at Cà Pesaro, where he continued with figuration and he took part in numerous regional exhibitions.
Among the portraits: “padre Sarto”, “reali”, “contessa Revedin”, “signorina Marcellina De Salvatore”, “signora e signorina Centanini di Stanghella”, “grand'uff. Stucky”, “commendator Pertile”, “conte Grimani”. The landscapes have as a subject Venice and the Venetian lagoon.

Umberto Zini Popolana

Umberto Zini Popolana veneziana

Umberto Zini Veneziana

Umberto Zini Venezia

Umberto Zini Canal Grande Olio su cartone telato cm 60X110
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