Oscar Sogaro (Dolo 14/09/1888 – Venice 13/12/1967) attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna under Domenico Ferri and in the last course he graduated with the award ministry. He began in Bologna, during the First World War, exhibiting at “the Venetians”.
He was pupil of Peter Fragiacomo especially for landscapes of the last period called "harmony of silence." He was part of the "Ca Pesaro rebels" movement in 1900 with painters as Umberto Moggioli, Felice Castegnaro, Mario Disertori, Pio Semeghini, Pieretto Bianco etc..
Sogaro exhibited at the Venice La Biennale Art from 1922 to 1935 and at Cą Pesaro. Other exhibitions were in Milan, Rome, Padua, Brussels and Triestre.
Sogaro treated, as painter of the glorious group of Cą Pesaro and as part of the Venetian art and tradition, the figure (psychological portrait), the still life and particularly the countryside (delicate visions of the lagoon and the river Brenta in their changing colors).
His works are located at city hall and at Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia, in the collections of D'Angelo in Venice and Costantini in Padua and in private.

Oscar Sogaro Parco al Lido 1938 Olio su tela cm 70X100

Oscar Sogaro Primo autunno 1946 Olio su tavola cm 50X70

Oscar Sogaro Natura morta 1959 Olio su tavola cm 52X44

Oscar Sogaro Natura morta 1964 Olio su tela cm 60X80

Oscar Sogaro Alito di primavera

Oscar Sogaro Villa Foscari

Oscar Sogaro Venezia 1954_55 Olii su cartone
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