Ida Barbarigo Cadorin (Venice 26/08/1925), his father is Guido Cadorin, belongs from a family of sculptors, painters and architects, from generation to generation. After a classical education Ida Barbarigo attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where his father and the sculptor Arturo Martini were as teachers.>br> In the spring of 1944 she meets for the first time Zoran Music and after subsequent meetings, punctuated by World War II, in 1949 she married him. After the war she travels especially in Switzerland and Paris.
In 1952 Ida Barbarigo moved to Paris, rue Mazarine, making many watercolors (series of "Luxembourg" and "Mabillon)," while maintaining her studio in Venice. Her contacts were with the painters Gisch and Pignon and the critics Francastel Pierre and Jean Bouret. She was invited to the Salon de Mai in 1955 and in 1956 she participated in the exhibition "Ten young painters of the School of Paris” at the Galerie de France of Myriam Prévot and Gildo Caputo
A special exhibition of works by Ida Barbarigo was presented in 1960 at the Museum of Modern Art in Fiume and then the next year in Ljubljana and Zagreb. In the 1962 "Six Painters in Paris" brings at Cortina d'Ampezzo Barbarigo Gisch, Music, Pignon, Pulga and Scialoja, in 1964 "6 Pariser Maler" in Nuremberg includes Barbarigo, Anna-Eva Bergman, Gisch, Hartung, Music and Pulga. Ida Barbarigo holds regular solo exhibitions in Venice, Basel, Milan, Braunschweig, London, Bologna and Paris.
In 1978, Ida Barbarigo back to settle in Venice, maintaining an apartment in Paris, Rue du Bac. In 1980, Music and Ida settled at Palazzo Balbi-Valier, near the Accademia in Venice. Zoran Music died in 2005.
On 2011 Ida Barbarigo is present at the exhibition "Anticorpi" from 18/09 to 01/11 at the Massimiliana Tower, Sant'Erasmo Island, Venice. She exibits with Carolina Raquel Antich, Daniele Bianchi, Andrea Morucchio, Serena Nono and Lucia Veronesi.
On 2015 from 18/12 to 13/3/2016 "Ida Barbarigo - Erme e Saturni", Venezia Palazzo Fortuny.

Ida Barbarigo a sx, Zoran Music a dx

Ida Barbarigo a sx Zoran Music a dx

Ida Barbarigo Adiano a san Marco 1963 olio su tela

Ida Barbarigo Che bella che xe Parigi 1969 olio su tela

Ida Barbarigo Storia di Caino 1968 olio su tela

Ida Barbarigo Les plages d’ Orphèe 1976 olio su tela
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