Giancarlo Franco Tramontin was born in Venice in 1931, the city in which he has carried his studies of sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Alberto Viani. Tramontin was assistant and then successor to the chair of Viani. Consolidated its position in the landscape of contemporary sculpture, Tramontin won a scholarship to study convened by the Ministry of Education in 1956 that led him to make a trip to Greece, a journey that will prove to be crucial for its growth.
Tramontin has participated in major national and international exhibitions: the International Competition of Bronzes of Padua from 1959 to 1975, the International Sculpture Biennale di Carrara in 1962, the Venice Biennale in 1970 and 1986, the exhibition at the Fondazione Querini-Stampalia in 1992, the International Exhibition of Bronzes Cremona in 1995 and "Seven variations on the body" to Medole in 2000.
The art which interprets G. F. Tramontin look at the human figure (woman), but not within predetermined boundaries, but it tries to grasp the details most relevant, those that relate to the world around her. In his works the body is interpreted, simplified, summary or rather synthesized.
The materials used range from marble to wood to reach the then polished or burnished bronze. The choice of materials is very important because it captures the energy of the moment, energy from the artist but also from the outside and the relationships that these entities establish. The polished bronze is in fact material that intentionally creates a link between the work and its surroundings, sometimes creates references that must be internalized and interpreted. In this context, the work is far from static, in fact it reflects the continuing evolution of light, shape or shapes that move around.
However, the art of G. F. Tramontin is not centered solely on the party game that is created between the work and the context in which it is used, but also enhances the introspective of that energy above. The burnished bronze becomes the tool which the artist uses in his search for the static and the work finds its raison to exist in itself.
On 2012, the exhibition “Giancarlo Franco Tramontin. Segni e forme della scultura” from 10/03 to 01/04 at Santa Caterina Museum of Treviso. A comprehensive retrospective to the activity of the great Venetian sculptor. The exhibition, curated by Saverio Simi de Burgis and Valentina Lunardelli, presents, in the ipogea room of the Museum of Santa Caterina, drawings, cut-outs papiers, sculptures in marble from Carrara and black Belgian marble, wood inlays, sculptures cast in bronze or jelutong. Works in the infinite variations of the details remain unique pieces, for consistent choice by the same author, in which the choice of materials is very important because it captures the energy of the moment, of the moment, energy is by the artist but also by 'outside and from the relationship that these entities establish. The exhibition does not close the exhibition space of the renovated Museum of Santa Caterina, because sculptures in wood and wood inlays in the Gallery of Art School of Treviso, the same works which were introduced in 1988 as one of "Meet the Artist ", promoted by the then professor of Contemporary Art History Giuseppe Mazzariol at the Department of Art History and Criticism of the University Cą Foscari: a special exhibition area that will be exciting and unique opportunity to revive the students and the public meeting with a lecture of Tramontin and rebuild so those moments in which the knowledge of "making art" experiences in the Academy are compared with those theoretically University.
From 13/07 to 18/08/2012 the exhibition "Giancarlo Franco Tramontin - Sculture, forme come linguaggio" in Venice at Palazzo Ducale.
On 2017 the exhibition "Una sensuale consuetudine Etica ed Estetica nella Scultura", at Bugno Art Gallery in Venice.

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Immagine 2005 Marmo statuario, legno cm 84X54X6

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Figura seduta 2002 Marmo statuario, legno cm 80X63X9

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Salome' 2001 Marmo statuario, legno, nero del Belgio cm 80X50X9

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Immagine II 2005 Marmo statuario, legno cm 80X40X6

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Piccolo leitmotiv 1998 bronzo dorato cm35X10X6

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin nel suo studio 21_10_2010

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Venezia studio 21_10_2010 a

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Venezia studio 21_10_2010 b

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Venezia studio 21_10_2010 c

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Venezia studio 21_10_2010 d

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Venezia studio 21_10_2010 e

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin Venezia studio 21_10_2010 f
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