Teodoro Wolf Ferrari (Venice 1876 - San Zenone degli Ezzelini 1945).
Son of Augustus Wolf, painter and copyist of ancient works actively at the Art Gallery of Monaco, followed until 1895 the courses of the Academy of Venice, where he studied with Guglielmo Ciardi and Pietro Fragiacomo.
When he returned to Monaco in 1896, he came in contact with the mature climate secession, he searched the symbolism of Arnold Bocklin and he bacme special friend of Fritz Erler and Leo Piitz, who seek in him an interest in French culture (Gauguin, the Nabis), especially within decorative arts. To symbolism and to secession are inspired, early twenties, paintings and works of applied art (pottery, glass, jewellery) presented at exhibitions in Monaco, in other German cities, in exhibitions of Venice Ca 'Pesaro (personal 52 works in 1910), the Biennale (since 1912) and Roman Secession (1913 and 1915).
After this period he dismissed modernist experimentation to immerse yourself in the quiet of the countryside of the Grappa, Asolo hills and the valley of the Piave, represented by sincere adherence to the naturalistic way.
Z On 2018, the exhibition "Teodoro Wolf Ferrari La modernit del paesaggio" dal 2/2 al 24/6, presso Palazzo Sarcinelli di Conegliano Veneto.

Teodoro Wolf Ferrari San Francesco del deserto 1922 olio su tavola cm 44X57 Fond Cariplo

Teodoro Wolf Ferrari Pelmo de la Casera dei Montemmici 1923 cm 57X73 olio su tavola Intesa SanPaolo

Teodoro Wolf Ferrari Paesaggio 1924 cm 56X70 olio su tela Intesa SanPaolo

Teodoro Wolf Ferrari Il Mae' di Croderon 1923 cm 57X74 olio su legno Intesa SanPaolo
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