Remo Brindisi (Rome 1918 - Lido di Spina 1996). In 1935 he attended courses in Rome's Centro Sperimentale di Scenografia and the nude by the Academy of Ripetta. In the same year obtained a scholarship that allowed him to settle in Urbino and to attend the Art Institute over five years to illustrate the book. Studies concluded brilliantly moved to Florence where he opened his first studio in 1940 and made his first exhibition with the presentation catalog of Eugenio Montale.
After the war, during which military in various cities and operational fronts, is located in Venice where he met the art dealer Carlo Cardazzo, the discoverer of the greatest talents of Italian painting of the postwar period, which suggests an exclusive contract for five years, after an exhibition in his gallery Venetian Il Cavallino. During this Venetian period Brindisi lives with Marcello Mastroianni and meets characters such as Virgilio Guidi, Milena Milani, Diego Valeri, Marcello Mattes, Filippo De Pisis with which establishes friendships.
In 1974 Cardazzo opened his gallery in Milan where Brindisi exhibit in many years and has chosen Milan as his final residence. It is followed with great interest by critics as the most qualified Dorfles Valsecchi, Carrą, Ambrosini, Cruciani, Vergani, Borghesi, Samora, Marussi, Kaisserlian and De Micheli.
In the long controversy that is raging in the late forties in the artistic divided between "realists" and "abstract" Brindisi takes a clear line joining the Group Linea which consists of intellectuals who have in common the willingness to step beyond each schematic their ideological self-research.

Remo Brindisi Venezia cm 40X30 olio su tela

Remo Brindisi Pastorale cm 70X50 olio su tela

Remo Brindisi La Salute cm 40X30 olio su tela

Remo Brindisi Maternita' anni 70 cm 70X50 olio su tela
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