Luigi Pagan (Chioggia 1907 - 1980) comes from a poor family of fishermen and those roots will be decisive for his whole life: always choose to stay close spiritually and physically to this world, its values, its authenticity. He becomes a singer of heroic epic, that the great Comisso able to tell with the office of his art and poetic passion. Without his father when he was young during the war, Pagan has to provide even the two younger brothers. He finds the opportunity to conduct regular and careful studies in a college for orphans of war, supporting his natural artistic inclinations early already known.
His exuberant and rebellious nature led him to various experiences of studying and working in Turin, where will meet with the artistic tradition of Piemonte. But when he seems to have learned enough, he, the son of the sea, returns to its Chioggia, mother and muse, perfecting his technical training at the School of Carmini and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Thus begins his long and varied career.
Luigi Pagan is known as a skilled landscape painter, creator of light and atmosphere unique and very personal, very impressionistic divided between a trend and a natural instinct expressionistic. His works reveal a great mastery of technique and at the same time, an exceptional ability to seize the suggestions of a particular atmosphere.

Luigi Pagan Colori di Chioggia 1974 cm 40X30 olio su tavola

Luigi Pagan Canal Vena Palazzo Mascheroni cm 70X100 olio su tela

Luigi Pagan Mercato cm 50X70 olio su tela

Luigi Pagan Mercatino al sole 1974 cm 30X40 olio su tavola
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