Domenico Boscolo Natta (Chioggia 1925 - Piombino Dese 2002). In this city, where he lived for twenty years, he began the slow and gradual path to the dream of painting. Of 1942 are its first oil paintings, inspired by the traditions of Venetian painters were then very numerous. From 1943 to 1945 the war stops his painting.
He moved to Venice, where he will be forced to make a living by exercising a wide variety of crafts, however, he will gradually refining the technique and taste of design and art forms, drawing from direct contact with the artists of Venice. In 1948, after military discharge, he returned to the lagoon city and he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, attending courses at the School of the nude free.
In 1951 he was invited to the prize Burano beginning his attendance at art events in Venice. From these, he obtains significant critical recognition, which rewards him on several occasions. In 1956 the Opera Bevilacqua La Masa assigns an art studio where he can finally devote full time to painting.
Since 1960 he embarked on a series of voyages that brought him into contact with international art movements, exposing and staying in Spain, Switzerland and later in France and the United States of America. In 1971, in Urbino, he improves the knowledge of graphic techniques in particular incision. In the last 25 years, with solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and various academies, he has consistently stressed in various Italian and foreign cities, the evolution of his painting and graphic design.

Boscolo Natta Fiore 1964 cm 50X45 olio su tela

Boscolo Natta Senza titolo 1964 cm 50X45 olio su tela

Domenico Boscolo Natta I Asburgo a Zubiana 1988 murales Cibiana Di Cadore
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