Carlo Hollesch (Pola 1926 - Venice 1978).
After classical studies made in Venice he devoted himself to painting as an autodidact. He took part in numerous national exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale in 1950, 1954 and several Quadrennial Roman obtaining broad critical recognition. He held several solo exhibitions in major Italian cities. Giuseppe Marchiori praised coherence, personal language, temper colouristic, research that first led him to a kind of metaphysical fairy-tale tone, and in recent years, led him to move away from traditional representation towards the disintegration of the image.

Carlo Hollesch Campo La Fenice 1955 cm 65X47 olio su tavola

Carlo Hollesch Rimorchiatori a Venezia 1948 cm 47X61 olio su tavola

Carlo Hollesch Quel pendolo velenoso 1972 cm 35X25 olio su tela

Carlo Hollesch Riva degli Schiavoni 1962 cm 40X80 olio collage e applicazioni su tela

Carlo Hollesch Composizione 1966 cm 12X18 tecnica mista

Carlo Hollesch Senza titolo 1971
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