Luigi Cobianco (Villanova Marchesana 1893 - Mestre 1967).
Of humble origins, he was a man discreet, sensitive, honest, but at the same time a creative artist. He studied with Ettore Tito figure, landscape and nude in Venice and Rome. He distinguished himself in the landscapes by the clear atmosphere, the loose brushwork, ranging from curved horizon. Cobianco participated in various editions of the Venice Biennale and of the Quadrennial in Rome, he also exhibited at the Bevilacqua La Masa presented by Diego Valeri and he entered in the collection of Cą 'Pesaro. He taught at the Art School and the Academy of Venice. In 1984 the Academy of Concordi made a retrospective at palace Roncale with a volume edited by Ivo Prandin.

Luigi Cobianco Barche anni 60 cm 52X63 olio su tela

Luigi Cobianco Bosco verde 1966 cm 70x60 olio su tela

Luigi Cobianco Paesaggio cm 35X50 olio su cartone pressato

Luigi Cobianco Veduta di Venezia
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