Silvio Consadori (Brescia 17/12/1909 - Venice 01/08/1994). The artistic training took place at the Institute "Moretto" in Brescia and subsequently at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome. The technique of the fresco was by the masters Giuseppe and Vittorino Trainini and Eliodoro Coccoli. After obtaining a Brozzoni scholarship in 1928 he went to Paris for a few years.
The fundamental and decisive encounter with the island of Burano in Venice was in 1936. In the same year in Milan he won the "Prix Milyus" and in '41 the "Canonica".
Among the great national reviews in which he attended by invitation: Quadrennial in Rome, Venice Biennale, Biennale della Permanente in Milan , Sacred Art Exhibition at the Angelicum.
Great was his commitment in religious art with the execution of frescoes, altarpieces, mosaics, churches and shrines of Cascia, Oropa, Milan, Rome, Vatican. With Filocamo, and sculptor Manfrini, he was estimated among the artists by Pope Paul VI.
Consadori taught at Brera Academy between 1940 and 1973.

Silvio Consadori

Silvio Consadori Merlettaia 1950

Silvio Consadori Riva Trigoso 1974

Silvio Consadori Burano 1969 olio su tavola cm 43X71

Silvio Consadori La fienagione alla Gramignina (1941-45) olio su tela cm 61X81
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