Giorgio Valenzin (Pordenone 1901 - Venezia 1978). Many were his exhibitions: in 1944 he exhibited in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, where he won the 1st Prize for drawing.
Among the personals: in 1954 and at Naviglio and Sheman gallery in Milan, in 1949 at gallery Cavallino, of Venice and at Trieste Gallery. He explained at the awards: Colomba 1946, at Abano and Auronzo 1947, at Premio del Garda 1948, at Favaretto Award 1949 and at XXVI International Art Biennale di Venezia.
The critic Paolo Rizzi wrote: ".... Valenzin interprets Venice in a romantic way, underscoring the subtle magic, the game of dark and light, the impalpable light, the silent moonlight, the swing of a gondola .... To see these pictures of Valenzin it must be acknowledged that the cleverness of this painter is to make Venice romantic, without becoming it simpering. The sensitivity of color is modern ... "

Giorgio Valenzin Burano in inverno 1950 cm38X49 olio su tela Museo del Paesaggio Fondazione Venezia

Giorgio Valenzin L'urlo 1970 Mista su faesite cm 24X18

Giorgio Valenzin Barche a vela Olio su tela cm 70X89
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