Sara Angelo (Venezia 14/07/1897 - Ivi 12/07/1979) is formed, artistically speaking, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. He was married with Lazzaro Teresina which has 5 children (Natalia, Wilma, Aida, Ginevra ed Eliseo). Between 1929 and 1935, he exhibited in Brazil: a dozen exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and in St. Paul.
In 1946 he takes a lot of "personal" in Venice and Bologna. In autumn 1946 he participates in the 1st Mediterranean Art Biennale of Palermo, with an oil depicting the Carnival of Venice in Piazza San Marco, entitled: “Come una volta". On 2 June 1947 he is among the 27 founders of Friends of "La Valigia" in Venice, with the nickname “Il medico dei pazzi o il Gamellaio dell’Ordine”.
Sara Angelo is the first to start painting La Valigia, an interesting tug, carrying on that surface cracked the sky of the lagoon and the shapes of barges of Panfilo.
It is by Sara Angelo that today we can admire La Valigia because with his ability he did not "sell" for little money to coffee Manin, present at the time of his birth, but he has delivered to "trattoria Gorizia" because there La Valigia were kept and admired.
Between 1947 and 1950 he participates in various exhibitions of "27" in Venice. In 1949 he is at XXXVI/VII Exhibition Collective of Opera Bevilacqua La Masa, in the figurative art section, with "Angurtia" and in the paint, with the work "Campo San Giacomo”. In 1965 its oil under "parata in Piazza San Marco" is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Venice. In 1979, in March, Sara Angelo is part of the promoter of the revival of La Valigia, which he had been one of the founders.

Angelo Sara Maschere

Angelo Sara Sul Sile

Angelo Sara Vaso di rose

Angelo Sara vaso di fiori

Angelo Sara Ritratto femminile

Angelo Sara Mattino ad Auronzo

Angelo Sara Paesaggio della Valsugana

Angelo Sara Sul Canale
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