Guido Carrer (Venezia 1902 - Ivi 1984) partecipated in various editions of La Biennale di Venezia. Since 1925 participates in all major national and international exhibitions. His works included in important galleries, collections and publications of art.
Rinaldo Sandri wrote: "how many images can give the lagoon? But the question is so wrong place. We need to reformulate the question: how many ways can be given the lagoon? The answer seems so implicitly: How many ways can be given the lagoon? The answer looks like this implicitly: like any inner world, refraction and re-composition of the lagoon inside the artist has no limit. Guido Carrer indicates it is proposing its audiences, while evolving language, the same theme without betraying uncertainties, for decades. Carlo Munari spoke of obsession, but this is obviously an obsession clear, creative, which is perhaps only a focus of his artistic spirit, a finding after having tried Whenever Carrer has been able to seize a moment of true lagoon, a unique moment of the earth, sky or sea, recorded the enchantment silent "

Guido Carrer Natura morta nel paesaggio cm 82X72 olio su tavola

Guido Carrer il Brenta 1948 cm40X45 olio su tela Museo del Paesaggio Fondazione Venezia

Guido Carrer Cantieri a Marghera, disegno su carta, Anni trenta, cm 25X28
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