Mario Carraro (Mestre 1896 - Venezia 1978) began with studies at the Accademia Albertina Turin and at the Superior Art Institute in Venice. Principal collective exibition: Bevilacqua La Masa, Milan, Padua, Burano, Rome, London, Chelsea, Bruges, Gand. Among the awards please note: Naples, Burano, Strà, Count Volpi.
In 1972 Paolo Rizzi wrote: "If an historical indication may be lawfully given, is a love never dampened for the great Venetian tradition: in a line of the XIX century of Veneto, but very vaguely. Titian and Guardi, precisely: namely painting - painting of the sixteenth century, which is juice, taste, colour relived a reality within the fat folds of a subject always rich, wonderfully vital in its thousands colours. Within these two poles, taking a categorical meaning, Carraro moved himself. Everything within the honesty of an "occupation" that he could not allow subterfuges and loopholes …"

Mario Carraro Ponte dei tre archi 1943 Olio su tela cm 58X44

Mario Carraro Venezia 1951 olio su cartone cm 20X30
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