Otello Bertazzolo (Venezia 1906 - Ivi 1975) student of De Lotto, he participates since young at the exhibitions of Opera Bevilacqua La Masa. He exhibited for eight times at La Biennale d’Arte in Venice. His sculptures are at New York, Rome, Zurich, Venice.
Paolo Rizzi wrote: "Its activities sculptor has always been intense, even for public commissions. In Venice its monumental sculptures are in the churches of San Zaccaria, Santa Maria del Giglio, Tolentini, Carmini, Santa Agnese. Artist traditional, but not infrequently with modern accents, he loved to be linked to the great Renaissance strand, with a very refined sensibility plastic; bronzes are especially beautiful shaped with some grace and elegance. Excellent portrait (it's her bust Wolf Ferrari to Phoenix) has produced, among its most successful things, some bass and medallions. Not infrequently he has also exhibited drawings, a sign nervous of XVII century, and sometimes he also focused on painting. His disappearance is a mourning for the Venetian artistic environment".
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