Renzo Zanutto (Venezia 1909 - Ivi 1979)
He exhibited with personals in Venice, Treviso, Udine, Trieste, Milan, Verona, Rovereto, Pordenone. He exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Quadriennale of Rome, Prize Burano, Michetti, Marzotto and many others.
William Gigli wrote: "…… the evolution of his painting took place along the lines of a creative undertaking that took into account especially the need of a precise responsiveness between the story and the solicitation so intimate that the substance content in the first warning is given, rather than from unexceptionable yield material, to a perfect formal definition, dall'accertarsi of holding almost tragic when creative, so the objective of the solicitations same happens under the pressure of a power life that only in the completion of work it can find a sort of calm”.

Renzo Zanutto Gru al porto Olio su tela cm55X75

Renzo Zanutto Nevicata Olio su tela cm 38X55

Renzo Zanutto Paesaggio S. Piero in Volta 1960 Olio su tela cm60X80 Collezione Privata
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