Ernani Costantini (Venezia 1922 - Ivi 2007).
He was present since 1950 in the artistic life of Venice and national levels. From 1952 he attended annual Collective dell' Opera Bevilacqua La Masa and the most important exhibitions like the National Awards Burano, Marzotto, Graziano, Triveneta of Padova. Personal exhibitions were in Treviso, Venice, Padua, Milan, Rome, to name a few.
Paul Rizzi wrote: "… behind this apparent simplicity, behind this grace that stifles not ever purity of the image, there is a big job, an ability that jumps immediately to the eyes, but this is not just this… Here the salient point. Everything in his painting is here to us … it is the fruit of a long process of purification, sifting, summary… He has come to prune the image of any historical contingency, but until groped an identification with the immutable laws of nature. Here is the truth that reveals Costantini. Painting may want to also mean the passing of a immanence that we condemn. A picture becomes bearer of a word that remains: the sign of a presence, indeed universal".
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