Gina Roma (Tezze di Vazzola 16/09/1914 Oderzo 02/10/2005) graduate at the Academy of Belle Arti in Venice under the guidance of Saetti for painting and fresco and Giuliani for engraving.
He has participated since 1948 in various editions of Biennials Venetian and from 1951 to Quadriennali Roman. Active also in the field of engraving an fresco, he expressed in a pictorial language stylistic identified, set to a vibrant colour, vigorously button.
Gina Roma passed by the tonal painting and research on light (1950/52) to Neorealism (1953/54). The experiences of that period have brought to the composition of landscapes expressions where pure colour and 'the cornerstone of canvas.
From 1957 to 1964 the painter enhances the colour and tends to break forms of art on a naturalism defined abstract-expressionistic. Following a deep interest in human form and then on the end of the'60s the vigorous "maximandri." In recent years
Gina Roma and 'round in models' humanised, where man lives in harmony with nature in the most' full and warm sun '. Director of the "4 cantoni" and the Pinacoteca Alberto Martini.

Gina Roma Alla sera nel vigneto 1989 Olio su tela CM 120X100

Gina Roma al lavoro per gli affreschi della chiesa di Catena di Villorba

Gina Roma Ragazza alla finestra Olio su tela 1950 Pinacoteca Alberto Martini Oderzo

Gina Roma Chiaro di luna 1963 cm 120X140 olio su tela Museo del Paesaggio Musei Civici Treviso

Gina Roma Riede 1983 murales Cibiana Di Cadore

Gina Roma Chi riede a Zubiana 1997 murales Cibiana Di Cadore

Ritratto di Gina Roma
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