Luigi Scarpa Croce was born on 26/08/1901 in Venice where ivi died on 09/01/1967. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1923, after studying under the guidance of Ettore Tito.
Around the years 1925/26 he has participated in exhibitions of Ca Pesaro and the International Art Biennale in Venice, where he also exhibited in the following years until 1950 in an alternating way.
In 1930 he was named as artistic consultant to The Quadrennial Rome. It was extensive his activities in the field of Murano glass, as designer and technician from 1940 to 1942 and then between 1950 and 1956. He exhibited almost all of the collective Bevilacqua La Masa from 1926 to 1957.
Paolo Rizzi wrote: "…. less advanced perhaps than the others from the point of view of audacity language, however, he was an extraordinary punctuality coach - expressive. He was a real painter. His best things go looking for the interior and figures than in the lagoon view, in this sense he was less of impressionism, writing with a generic term, than his friends…."

Luigi Scarpa Croce Lettrice 1932 Olio su Compensato CM 59X45 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Luigi Scarpa Croce Natura morta con vaso di fiori Olio su tela CM 70X80 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Luigi Scarpa Croce paesaggio con ponte (verso) Olio su tela CM 59X69 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Luigi Scarpa Croce Preparativi per varo Alfa Romeo 1932 Olio su tela CM 40X49 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Luigi Scarpa Croce Suonatrice di chitarra 1933 Olio su cartone CM 69X66 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Luigi Scarpa Croce Canestro di frutta 1938 Olio su cartoncino cm29X40

Luigi Scarpa Croce Natale 1958 cm48X41 Museo del Paesaggio Fondazione Venezia

Luigi Scarpa Croce Nudo disteso 1952 olio su tela cm58X80
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