Cosimo Privato (Venice 1899 - 1971) studied at the Academy of Belle Arti. Here followed the course of painting held by E. Tito.
In 1920 began its activities by taking part in the exhibition show of Opera Bevilacqua La Masa. Its participation will take place until 1940. Between the years 1922 until 1927 obtained by the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa a study in order to paint.
He participated at La Biennale di Venezia between the years 1926 and 1938.
He explained the review of Pittsburgh in 1932, in addition to the exhibitions organised by the Venice Biennale, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Athens and Sofia. He participated in the international exposure of watercolour Milan 1925, the second and third Biennale Romana (1923-1925), the first international exposure Fiumana (1925), the Permanent Milan (1924-1926), the second international exhibition of decorative arts Monza, exposures regional Padova and Vicenza and the exhibition Sacred Art of Padua.
The painting of Cosimo Privato represents episodes of everyday life. Scenes of ordinary life, glimpses characteristic panoramic related to tissue Venetian citizen. His painting is fresh, lively and vivid, while the brushstroke is agile, touch, with colours tending to clear in order to make these constant reflections of light.
As Paolo Rizzi writes: "... he was a painter as Milesi and Favretto painters, namely painters from head to foot and nothing else. The cultural base was very poor, as well as poor was the ceiling of the entire artistic culture of the time ... Unable to rise from bottlenecks of a condition that weight down him, ended towards sitting in a comfortable mannerism ... In the preface of his last exibition in 1945, it is possible to read some bitter considerations: defended the honest job to defend himself and did not want to hear about news ..."

Cosimo Privato Balie a Rialto olio su compensato cm 53X66

Cosimo Privato Canale a Venezia olio su tela CM 60x80

Cosimo Privato Fruttivendolo a Venezia olio su tela cm 59X80

Cosimo Privato Rio Veneziano olio su tela cm 50X70

Cosimo Privato Ragazza al mare olio su cartone CM 42X44 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Cosimo Privato Trampolino sulla neve olio su cartone CM 66X52 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Cosimo Privato Campo San Bartolomeo cm70X50 olio su tela Museo del Paesaggio Fondazione Venezia

Cosimo Privato Pescheria 1940 cm54X69 olio su cartone Museo del Paesaggio Fondazione Venezia

Cosimo Privato
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