Bruno Saetti (Bologna 1902, Venice 1984) is a figure which of course goes beyond the Veneto. In his native city he attended the Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1924 as professor of architectural design. In 1927, he held his first solo and the following year he was invited to the XVI Biennale of Venice, which participated for 14 more issues. During the 20s and 30s he devoted himself to painting a large space where he finds the intimacy of landscapes and interiors with figures.
From Bologna he reached Venice at twenty-eight, in 1930, remaining in the lagoon city for all his life, where he got his big hits like the prize at the Biennale. In 1930 he became a teacher at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice, taking the post of Director from 1950 to 1956.
A pictorial level since 1945, crossed the stage of decomposition cubist image, switching to a vaguely casual naturalism. The fresco on the other hand is the technique that will follow him throughout his career.
The fund of Emilia region is evident in his painting, especially the warm tones of red-brick and the peculiar taste of matter (the favorite fresco), but also that the classical sense of form that combines the great masters of Italian art the two wars. Veneto is on the other hand that his delay on the color, its luminous vibrations, the feeling of stunned amazement of space. None, however, was unsuccessful, as Saetti, to make his frescoes in the sense of the eternity of time, sign and stamp man. A meeting point between the formal sense of the ancient and the modern sensibility yearning and anxious. A paradigm combined with color, light in Venice.

Bruno Saetti Rocca di Badolo con contadini Olio su cartoncino cm 33X43 Museo Civico di Rovereto

Bruno Saetti Le Zattere 1965 tempera su carta ripoortata su tavola cm 31X38

Bruno Saetti Paesaggio con sole 1978 affresco su tela cm 56X65

Bruno Saetti Brunella, collezione privata
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