Mario Varagnolo (Venice 24/04/1901, 06/01/1971) attended the Art Institute of Carmini in 1926 and obtained the certification to decorative painting.
He begins to exhibit since 1920 at the annual collective Bevilacqua La Masa. In 1931 he participated in the Quadrennial Rome. In 1940 he participated at La Biennale di Venezia (where he had exhibited since 1930) with thirteen works.
Paolo Rizzi wrote: "Ö. I am convinced that, rather enlarging the historical perspective, the more it takes us away from the slavery of aesthetic custom, for sure Varagnolo is destined to grow. He living, he canít be understood. He has been dead since two years and already something is grown. This old, retrograde and hopelessly nostalgic Venetian painting has still some surprises from us. One of the highest is Varagnolo: an artist closed in his ideal world, towards the past, but with a sigh that brings him forward, beyond fashion".

Mario Varagnolo Natura Morta 1967 olio su tela cm 20X30

Mario Varagnolo L'assemblea 1950 cm 100X140

Mario Varagnolo Natura morta con pesci 1970 Olio su tela cm 20X30

Mario Varagnolo Vaso di fiori 1966 olio su tela cm 30X20

Mario Varagnolo Natura Morta 1966 olio su tela cm 20X30

Da Sx Juti Ravenna in basso Fioravante Seibezzi a fianco Aldo Bergamini sopra Mario Varagnolo in alto Nereo Costantini

Rassegna stampa Mario Varagnolo

Rassegna stampa Mario Varagnolo
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