Gigi Candiani "Atmosfere Rarefatte enclosed in an intimate search divided between natural forms and colors". Thus, the art critic and journalist Alain ChivilÚ synthesizes a life dedicated to the painting of the Master.
The painter Gigi (Luigi) Candiani was born in Mestre on 05/07/1903. A town that is without any doubts bound by family tradition bakery to Art. From the artistic point of view, Gigi Candiani begins his studies at the School of Art "Ticozzi" of Mestre with Professor Giuseppe Urbani De Gheltof. The places of the subjects painted in his works ranging from Venice, Treviso, Padua, Vicenza, Comacchio to Ravenna. The first exhibition took place in 1926. Gigi Candiani also participates in the collective Opera Bevilacqua La Masa from 1929 to 1961, four editions of the National Art Quadrennial of Rome and three editions of the Biennale of Art in Venice.
Gigi (Luigi) Candiani died in Mestre on 14/09/1963.
Recently, the innovative monographs written by art critic and curator dr Alain ChivilÚ. On 2013 "Gigi Candiani Tessere di vita". On 2015 after numerous requests by who appreciated the revious work, the art critic and curator dr Alain ChivilÚ wrote the new monograph "Gigi Candiani Atmosfere Rarefatte" in a new limited edition completely revised, with expanded content in a new format. Images and unpublished documents never been published before about the artist and his family, through a new discussion writen for the first time.
On 2017, from 6 to 28 of may, the city of Conegliano Veneto, starting from an idea and a proposal by art critic and curator Alain ChivilÚ, during request/concession of the free patronage logo for the publication "Gigi Candiani Atmosfere Rarefatte", organizes a retrospective exhibition at Palazzo Sarcinelli, Galleria del Novecento.
On 2017 Gigi Candiani finally returns to Poerio Street in Mestre. After a year of pause, the monograph "Gigi Candiani Atmosfere Rarefatte" returns to the artist hometown, known for his bakery. On Thursday, October 12, at 6 pm at the Centro Le Grazie in Via Poerio 32, Alain ChivilÚ, with the Circolo Veneto and his journalist colleague Daniela Zamburlin, presents the book that brought Candiani to the present.

Visit: for more info about Gigi Candiani ©

Visit: for more info about Gigi Candiani ©

Gigi Candiani La fornace a Oriago, 1932, olio cm 41X47, coll. privata

Gigi Candiani Orti a Mazzorbo, 1956, olio cm 47X84.5 coll. privata

Gigi Candiani Il ponte a Caposile, 1961, olio cm 63X78, coll. privata

Gigi Candiani Paesaggio in Valsanzibio, 1963, olio cm 60X78, coll. privata

Gigi Candiani Tende sulla spiaggia di Bibione, 1962, olio cm 64X78, coll. privata

Gigi Candiani Mestre Parco Ponci, 1925, Olio cm 52.5X33 Coll. privata

Gigi Candiani Capanni a Marina di Ravenna, 1963, olio cm 57X70, coll. privata

La Nuova Venezia per il libro dedicato a Gigi Candiani

Gigi Candiani Atmosfere Rarefatte
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