Vincenzo Censotti (Foiano della Chiana, Arezzo, 1932 - Treviso, 2005) was by adoptiona venetian painter, moved at the end of 1940. He studied with the painter Gianni Vagnetti and Libero Andreotti sculptor at the Art Institute of Florence. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in cities such as Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Venice, Treviso, Conegliano Veneto, Padua, Vicenza and other between Italy and abroad. He made works in the cathedral of Palmanova and in Frascineto church. His works are in public institutions of Treviso, Ponte di Piave, Palmanova, Conegliano Veneto and Macerata.
On 2017 the art critic and curator Alain ChivilÚ will organize a posthumous exhibition bringing back Vincenzo Censotti in Treviso. From 5 to 12/02 the exhibition "Vincenzo Censotti Paesaggi privati" investigates his landscapes with twenty works.

Vincenzo Censotti Paesaggi Privati locandina mostra Casa dei Carraresi

Vincenzo Censotti Strada con case, Olio su tavola

Vincenzo Censotti campo e covone, Olio su tavola

Vincenzo Censotti Case e campi, Olio su tavola

Vincenzo Censotti Strada e case gialle, Olio su tavola

Vincenzo Censotti Paesaggio Olio su tavola
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