Aldo Bergamini was born in Bottrighe (Rovigo) May 14, 1903 and he died in Venice in 1980. He taught at the Venice Art and has participated in all major national and international exhibitions of art.
It is part of the group of painters of Palazzo Carminati that found inspiration in a painting outdoors in a Post Impressionism lagoon.
On Bergamini, Gugliemo Gigli critic wrote: "the review in a historic all activity by Aldo Bergamini can not fail to highlight the precise position taken by the artist breaking against the experience of other colleagues Venetians, who split with him the annotations of chronicle over time, especially between the two wars: Neno Mori, Eugenio From Venice, Fioravante Seibezzi, Mario Varagnolo, to indicate only some of the protagonists of that time art.
Certainly Bergamini lies mainly in that two decades that from 1930, saw the artist, after some "love" for Gino Rossi, interest on the "cubist" as a result of a thorough analysis of the work of Cézanne. He did defect, however, knowledge of the means and ability to make real painting. Its color, in fact, has always had a special beauty and its unquestionable charm".

Aldo Bergamini Ritratto del pittore Eugenio Da Venezia 1930 Olio su tavola CM 33X26 Fondazione Scientifica Querini Stampalia

Aldo Bergamini

Aldo Bergamini Paesaggio olio su tela cm 50X71

Aldo Bergamini Paesaggio montano Olio su tela cm50X65

Aldo Bergamini Lago montano Olio su tela cm60X84

Aldo Bergamini Mazzorbo 1950 olio su tela cm38X48 museo del Paesaggio Fondazione Venezia

Da Sx Juti Ravenna in basso Fioravante Seibezzi a fianco Aldo Bergamini sopra Mario Varagnolo in alto Nereo Costantini
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