Giorgio Di Venere (Mestre 1927), painter, watercolourist and printmaker about the beginning says "in the first courses of the Art Institute (which amounted to middle school at the time) a year after finishing school elementary. At that time we lived difficult years, there was a war going on and lacked everything: the average salaries were low and my father, while working as a clerk in the Railways, barely managed to make ends meet. In the family were four brothers and no one still working, so my mother, and do not forget the bare minimum, is juggling with acrobatics economic of all kinds. Then continue studying could seem like a luxury because it involved spending more, so when I finished elementary school I was parked at home for a year waiting for better times. The reason was that I had a couple of decent shoes and the ones I had were half smashed, and I could not go up and down from Mestre, where I lived, in Venice, where he was the school. It seems absurd, but I'm not exaggerating, my mother bought my shoes to a child could not buy them to other year and did not touch my turn. I remember a few times to go out and play with my peers expect that my older sister fell at home and wearing his shoes, I played with him and I enjoyed the same, even though they were a bit wide and had heels" from the interview by Michael Beraldo in the catalog "Di Venere", exhibition of Mel Contesse Palace, October 2007.
It is important his period dedicated to teaching ended in the 80s. He participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, starting at the Opera Bevilacqua La Masa in 1957. Now he is member of Engravers Veneti.
About the landscape in his paintings the Master says: landscapes and environments that i have known are part of my memory; now when i revisit through my memory certain places (at the time already represented in a very descriptive) i feel the need to work giving more importance to the paint, to a certain color and formal agreement, seeking to make that dream tonality very suitable to achieve dreamy atmospheres and suspended outside of time and from any objective reality".
On 2014 the exhibition "Giorgio Di Venere tempere e oli su carta" at Centro Culturale Candiani in Mestre from 1 to 14/09.

Giorgio Di Venere Marina

Giorgio Di Venere Cavana

Giorgio Di Venere Murales Cibiana
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