Carlo Dalla Zorza (Venezia 1903, 1977) is the first exponent of the Veneto Post-Impressionism. At Burano he is linked to the happiest period of his painting, forty years, spent in a continuous silent aging of the qualities of freshness and light fragrance of the colour: so at the first Burano prize (1946) he was recognized as authentic master.
His paintings, since 1933-34, have a particular character: the fluidity, the elegance of touch, light impressionistic. They are usually views of estuary, channels, countryside.
In plen air of nature (Burano, the estuary, the hills Euganei, Asolo, the Riviera del Brenta) succeeded, as no one ever before, to seize the vital juice of impressionism without bending, joining the interpretation staff with a colour as focus, as a blur, as depth and perspective as illusion.

Carlo Dalla Zorza Burano 1942

Carlo Dalla Zorza Bardonecchia 1952 olio su cartone cm 25X35

Carlo Dalla Zorza Asolo 1962 olio su tela riportata su tavola cm 27X39

Carlo Dalla Zorza Olio su tavola cm 50X70

Carlo Dalla Zorza Portosecco 1959 Olio su tavola cm 19X31

Carlo Dalla Zorza Orto a Burano 1934

Carlo Dalla Zorza Paesaggio rurale 1966

Targa dedicata a Carlo Dalla Zorza Venezia
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