Bluer, alias Lorenzo Viscidi, (Venice 19/06/1962) creates and develops his artistic career over the years by focusing on a personal search is directed for one side to two-dimensionality of the painted canvas and for another to the three-dimensionality of sculpture. For example the plexiglas bodies play on color and transparent glassy, soaring passages that shape the material in a continuous movement and harmony, proportion and harmony of color designed research led to the creation of works of light and movement in his unique kind.
Bluer color research since the early 90s was born out of studies and experiments on the color "blue", an electric blue, with the energy that has earned to him the title of "painter of the blue”.
From '92 until now Bluer has done a research as part of the abstract paintings with a definite stylistic progenitor of iconic landforms. From 2002 he began a series of works called "space-time" in which the painting is "invaded" by inclusions of fragments of mirrors, glass products to various shades silver according to ancient practice. From this stage he develops a testing and materials research leading to the series of "paintings is not right" works in wood and glass and acrylic forms encoded by abandoning the traditional, rational, geometrically, to grow on canvases shaped by unpredictable morphological outcomes. These experiments with new forms from 2005 to the dock works and installations in plexiglass, in which research on the forms and colors blend in with those on the light.
The inventive multi-faceted artist is confronted with new materials, plastics and transparent conjugated to organic matter, vegetable, opaque but "photo-synthetic" in a tangle of matter that includes natural substances and collects fraternal presence and memories of the first and the beyond. Helped by the technical expert glass masters of Venice, the artist attempts to withhold, collect, harnessing light from elsewhere, comes from another source, up to reshape the inert and transparent plexiglass, likening it to living nature plant. He creates unusual sculptures, which together with sunlight St. donate to "green" beauty unusual, new, imperishable.
He has presented several solo exhibitions in Italy and participated in exhibitions and group exhibitions in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, England, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, Uruguay.
Bluer's art has been the subject of the thesis to the University of Udine, Faculty of Humanities. Bluer lives and works in Padua, Venice and Nardň (Lecce).
He participated at 52. Venice Biennale 2007 in the event “P3 performative paper project” and at 12. Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 in the event “Oltre il giardino/Un giardino globale”.
In 2011 Bluer is invited to the Veneto Pavilion of Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta for the 54. edition of Venice Biennale.

Bluer gli accartocciati Padiglione Veneto di Villa Contarini Biennale 2011

Bluer gli accartocciati nel Padiglione Veneto di Villa Contarini Biennale 2011

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 5 2009 plexiglas cm 40X31X16

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 73 2009 plexiglac cm 33X30X15

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 25 2009 plexiglas cm 29X27X14

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 110 2009 plexiglas cm 59X37X19

Bluer Fossile Opus nr 126 2009 plexiglas cm 50X46

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 46 2009 plexiglas cm 36X35X13

Bluer Accartocciato con precipitato di meteora e semi inglobati Opus nr 91 2010 plexiglas cm 92X56X25

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 81 2010 plexiglas cm 57X45X14

Bluer Accartocciato con precipitato di meteora e foglia oro unglobata Opus nr 95 2010 cm 64X57X22

Bluer Accartocciato nr 97 2010 Meteora nel canneto plexiglas e vegetali inglobati cm 60x47x23

Bluer Accartocciato nr 98 2010 Mistero nel bosco plexiglas e vegetali inglobati cm 65x65x34

Bluer Semisgfera di mistico precipitato Opus nr 105 2010 plexiglas cm 50

Bluer Estroflessoo Opus nr 6 2010 plexiglas cm 107X61

Bluer Accartocciato Opus nr 19 2011 plexiglas e dripping acrilico inglobato cm 65x54x20
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