Mauro Corona says that he was born on August 9, 1950 in Erto, at the foot of the tower of Montanaia Valley, but the web site writes that he was born on the cart of his parents from Friuli as Domenico "Mene" Corona and Lucia "Thia" Filippin, street vendors, in the road from Baselga di Pine to Trent.
In fact he was recorded at Trent and he was raised in Pine, but in Erto, land of the parents, he arrived within six years, while he considering "ertano" forever. Since then his history is inextricably linked to the territory in which he lives in osmosis culture and identity.
As a boy he worked as a woodsman and a quarryman. Since childhood he began to carve wood, under the guidance of the ninth, for pleasure. The sculptor Augusto Murer realized his talent, made him to work in his studio in Falcade, where Corona has studied the art technique that allowed him to become one of the popular wood sculptors in Europe.
Claudio Magris writes: "Mauro took out a sheet from a folder under her arm. I remember the looks we exchanged four of us, a moment after seeing the design: the surprise, wonder and enchantment that we would read in his eyes ...... It was a crucifixion, vital, powerful, painful, undeniable. Skippered any other program, we go with Mauro to Erto, we saw his studio, his sculptures. Rooted experience, unforgettable. Mauro Corona is a great sculptor, perhaps not fully aware of it, an artist with whom to be reckoned with in depth. His figures are of wood with the incredible strength and friability of the painful life. Woman's body, faces of old absolute, animal, lovers, crucifixions, an olive tree trunk into a tragic, in a Nike of these valleys, ancient and fiercely contemporary. A simple poem and deep, reaching down to the heart of life. From that moment I knew that poetry was part of my life ... ".
The fate of the young Mauro broke the damn 9 October 1963, when a Mount Toc piece fell into the lake of Vajont sweeping everything away with more than two thousand people. He was thirteen years old, but he did not abandon his valley, clinging to the rocks remained, son and brother of the animals of the woods, carefully preserving the images of the past.
Mauro Corona is also is also a writer and mountaineer, climber valid, opening many routes in the Dolomites of Piave In addition, developing a taste for research and experimentation that characterizes all his creative activity.

Mauro Corona Autoritratto, cirmolo, 1992 (124X33x30)

Mauro Corona Aureliano Buend́a, tiglio, 1986 (177X35X28)

Mauro Corona Ballerina, 1991 (183X30X20)

Mauro Corona Cristo di matraia, olivo, 1996 (130X40X21)

Mauro Corona Donna negra, noce, 1993, (162X33X23)

Mauro Corona Ertana, cirmolo, 1988 (137X27X31)

Mauro Corona la montanara, cirmolo, 1988 (90X70X63)

Mauro Corona Maternità, abete bianco, 1990, (240X75X87)

Mauro Corona Torso di donna, cirmolo, 1993 (117X40X30)

Mauro Corona Laboratorio

Mauro Corona Laboratorio

Mauro Corona Laboratorio particolare

Mauro Corona Laboratorio particolare

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