Giuseppe Gambino (Vizzini 1928 – Preganziol 1997) he is primarily known for his abstract expressionist landscape & cityscape paintings in oil and watercolors of Venice houses, churches, buildings and palaces, figurative works and still lifes. By 1945, he was working as a typesetter in Bologna, Italy and also worked in the graphic advertising industry. In 1954 he moved to Venice, Italy and soon dedicated himself fully to painting. In 1963 he and his family moved to Preganziol, Italy where he remained until his death in 1997. Gambino had many successful solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally over the course of his career from 1954-1989, especially at the 1956 Biennale di Venezia (Venice), Italy, the Quadriennale d’Arte di Rome, Italy in 1959 and the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice, Italy. Many major exhibitions were held throughout the United States, Germany and also Spain to name a few. With help from his father, who was an official superintendent of Fine Arts, Gambino won first prize at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua, Italy, and also at La Gallerie Estence in Modena, Italy.

Giuseppe Gambino La Salute 1996 olio su tela

Giuseppe Gambino Le Procuratie Vecchie 1960 olio su tela

Giuseppe Gambino Paesaggio a Segosia 1959 olio su tela

Giuseppe Gambino Arcos de la frontera olio su tela

Giuseppe Gambino Paesaggio a Venezia olio su tavola 1959
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