Edoardo Landi, born in San Felice sul Panaro (Modena) in 1937 but he has always been active in Venice, Padua and Milan, he graduated in architecture in Venice from 1962 to 1964 where he attended the advanced course in industrial design.
In 1959 he is part og Gruppo N in Padua with Alberto Biasi, Manfredo Massironi, Toni Costa and Ennio Chiggio. In 1961, at the international level, he is among the sponsors of the international movement New trend. In 1961, 1963 and 1969 he is at the exhibition of New trends I, II, IV in Zagreb. In 1962, 64 he is present at the exhibition "The Arts Program" at the store Olivetti in Milan, Venice, Rome, London and Paris. In 1963 with N Group he is present at IV International Biennial of Art in San Marino where the Group N received the first prize. In the same year he is at the first exhibition of the Group N at Study F of Ulm.
Edoardo Landi, through the use of basic geometric shapes, want to create a stimulation of phenomena in the observer. His works are housed in museums of contemporary art from around the world.
On March 18, 2011: the fiftieth anniversary of the historic event in which the Group N showed the world: "Arte è pane… pane è arte". On that occasion, Luigi Barzini jr., in a famous article published in the Corriere della Sera, June 18, 1961 entitled "Arte e salame" he wondered: to what the art will extent? Piero Manzoni, two months later, tributes to the Padua group with his "Achrome" of breads and kaolin, recently auctioned at Christie's in hundreds of thousands of euro. The artists of the Group N (Alberto Biasi, Ennio Chiggio, Toni Costa, Edoardo Landi, Manfredo Massironi) were the undisputed protagonists of Programmed and Kinetic art.
On 2012 the exhibition "Ennio L. Chiggio / Edoardo Landi - Enne Relatività Instabili - a partire dal Gruppo Enne - opere 1961-2011" at the Ricerca Art Gallery in Rome from 30/03 to 28/04.
On 2012 the exibition “Programmare l’arte. Olivetti e le Neoavanguardie cinetiche” at Olivetti shop in Piazza San Marco Venice from 30/08 to 14/10.

Edoardo Landi Riflessione variabile sferica 1968 Museo Zagabria

Edoardo Landi 1

Edoardo Landi 2

Edoardo Landi, Cubo virtuale , 2004, stampa digitale su forex, cm 90×90×1

Edoardo Landi, Strutturazione ortogonale 4 elementi, 1966, cartoncino intrecciato, cm 40×40
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