Alberto Biasi, born in Padua on 02/06/1937, attended a secondary school with an emphasis on the humanities before studying Industrial Design at the Institute of Architecture in Venice. Meanwhile in 1959 he begins his career as a painter and a sculptor. This is also the year in which he forms the Gruppo N and contributes to the planning stages of all of the works of this group until its dissolution in 1967. In 1960 he exhibits with Castellani, Manzoni and other European artists of the "new artistic conceptions".
In 1961 as co-founder of Gruppo N he is one of the most energetic promoters of the Nuove Tendenze, actively supporting the firststeps of the Arte Programmata movement in 1962. During this very creative period he collectively signs works by Gruppo N such as the "wefts", the "optic-dynamic reliefs", obtained by overlapping thin sheets of metal, the "dynamic forms" of torsions, the moving "photo-reflections" as well as the unstable perceived environmental installations.
After the dissolution of the Gruppo N, Alberto Biasi "discovers his solo career": he launches a series of studies and explorations of transitional spaces and shapes, he deals with objects in eurhythmic motion, creating a considerable cycle of works, the so-called "poly-types". The following phase of Biasi’s research produces a significant set of works in which the combination of carved lamellar elements incorporated into painted surfaces produces changing visual effects and establishes an evocative exchange between viewer and artwork. In 1988, the city of Padua celebrates the artist with a retrospective exhibition of his work at the Museo Civico Eremitani, an acclaimed event which gathers more than 42 thousand visitors.
His work continues to make important evolutions: from 2000 onwards Biasi elaborates a previous research and creates the "assemblages", mainly monochrome diptychs and triptychs, with impressive plastic and colourist effects. In 2006 an exhibition, of thirty of his early works, achieved great recognition in the rooms of the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg. Besides the twelve exhibitions that Biasi contributed to with Gruppo N, he has exhibited in over eighty personal shows and has participated in more than four hundred group shows, including the XXXII and XLII Venice Biennial, the XI Biennial of San Paolo, the X, XI and XIV Quadrennial of Rome.
On March 18, 2011: the fiftieth anniversary of the historic event in which the Group N showed the world: "Arte è pane… pane è arte". On that occasion, Luigi Barzini jr., in a famous article published in the Corriere della Sera, June 18, 1961 entitled "Arte e salame" he wondered: to what the art will extent? Piero Manzoni, two months later, tributes to the Padua group with his "Achrome" of breads and kaolin, recently auctioned at Christie's in hundreds of thousands of euro. The artists of the Group N (Alberto Biasi, Ennio Chiggio, Toni Costa, Edoardo Landi, Manfredo Massironi) were the undisputed protagonists of Programmed and Kinetic art.
In 2011 in Milan at the Allegra Ravizza Art Project gallery: "Alberto Biasi - Ricerca dal gruppo Enne all'ottico-cinetico" from 05/05 to 30/06/2011. The exhibition, made in close collaboration with Alberto Biasi, has carefully selected works, many of which are historic and therefore rare, that illustrate some central themes of his research carried out continuously for nearly half a century.
The Master from 09/06 to 29/07/2011 exhibits in Paris at the Galerie Messine: "Alberto Biasi Opere 1959-2008".
In addition, Alberto Biasi takes part at the 54th International Art Exhibition Venice Biennale 2011, where he is present in the Italian Pavilion, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, with the work "Corsa ad ostacoli", a blend of red 2007, proposed by the Nobel Prize for physics in 1976, Professor Samuel CC Ting: Alberto Biasi could not give up the invitation.
Also in Venice he is also present at the exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny TRA, Edge of Becoming by Francesco Poli, from 4/06 to 15/11/2011.
Alberto Biasi is present at the exhibition "Italian Zero & Avantgarde ’60s" in Moscow at the Multimedia Art Museum from 13/09 to 30/10/2011. With Biasi there are works of Agostino Bonalumi, Bruno Munari, Dadamaino, Davide Boriani, Enrico Castellani, Francesco Lo Savio, Gabriele Devecchi, Gianni Colombo, Lucio Fontana, Manfredo Massironi, Nanda Vigo, Paolo Scheggi and Piero Manzoni.
In 2011 from 19/09 to 23/10 at the new headquarters Metelkova, Ljubljana, of the Slovenia's National Museum the exhibition: "Alberto Biasi - Gli anni '60 gli anni 2000". Around forty works divided into two major groups that create a temporal comparison between the 60s and the 2000 production year of the Master from Padua. The first part of the exhibition is represented by an important selection of historical works drawn primarily from the cycles of the twists and dynamic optical measurements, this is also customized by two light sculptures and some rare light PRISMS optical surveys. The second section is devoted to the most recent assembly, at the end of this will be also presented examples of a new artistic cycle just started by Biasi.
In 2012 at Zappettini Foundation of Milan, to March 16, "Alberto Biasi". The exhibition offers a sampling of the major periods of Biasi: the "twists" to "Optical measurements of perception" to the "assembly". A dozen selected works offer to the visitors a comprehensive overview of a fine investigator and a lively innovator.
On 2012 the exibition “Programmare l’arte. Olivetti e le Neoavanguardie cinetiche” at Olivetti shop in Piazza San Marco Venice from 30/08 to 14/10.

Alberto Biasi Trama 1959 cm70X45

Alberto Biasi Finestra arcobaleno 1962_65 cm240X240

Alberto Biasi Dinamica 1965 cm76X88

Alberto Biasi Gocce 1967 cm182X182X5

Alberto Biasi Gemelli 1992 cm75X102X3

Alberto Biasi Ti ascolto 2005 cm100X93

Alberto Biasi Fare il punto qua e la 2010 cm141X143X4

Gruppo N - esecuzione Biasi e Landi, Variable round image, 1962, rilievo in PVC su tavola, diam cm 28

Alberto Biasi al Padiglione Italia della Biennale di Venezia '11

Alberto Biasi a sx Alain Chivilò a dx, 31/08/2012 Negozio Olivetti Venezia

Gruppo N - esecuzione Biasi, Dinamica visuale, 1964, rilievo in PVC su tavola, cm 60,4 x 60,4 x 3
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